Saturday, July 7, 2012

I am making this blog to show any one who really wants to know how I see the world as a young paramedic. I have been in EMS since 2009, I was only six-teen. Thinking back it was a good decision. One I have a good job at a young age. Yes, it also has its bad things. Ive seen much more in these past years then the average human walking this earth. I am not allowed to drink alcohol but I can be trusted with medications that can potentially kill. People at my company are not to keen on the idea. It actually annoys me. You have these mid-twenty aged people who have been in this field for as long as I have and they just snicker and bitch. How can a nine-teen year old be a critical care paramedic? They protest. Ever since, I have been out living and breathing every day to prove them wrong.

I work for a private company in Michigan. I work midnights in a lake-side city. 40,000+ residents. City has its nice area and then like many places all over the run down areas. 

I worked last night. South side of the city. Believe it or not, only one call. 3 hours in to my 12 hour shift. Not even an ALS call. A hospice patient. Hmmm, I do work tonight and I am near positive it will make up for last night....


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. Don't let the 20 somethings give you too much crap. I'd rather have you working on me than some burn out that doesn't care!